The condition of water systems in industrial, commercial and public sector buildings is subject to strict legislation. You can trust TEAMS to ensure that your system is kept clean, in good order and operating within the law.

At TEAMS we have vast experience of keeping many different types of water systems within current legislation, and we make it our business to stay ahead of any changes in guidelines and regulations.

Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water services and other plant systems containing water all come under the TEAMS umbrella. Whatever your water system, and however complex it is, you can be sure that TEAMS will always be on familiar territory.

In over 30 years, we have come across and corrected all types of problems, ranging from scale and bird faeces to bacteria or sheer age. Our fully trained engineers make use of the very latest technologies to undertake a wide variety of works, including all important testing for bacteria such as legionella.

The latest Government guidelines on legionella are essential reading for all building managers and owners as they call for a number of important changes to current practice; notably more stringent attention to water hygiene, the testing of cooling towers and the management of all hot water systems, including those those with less than a 300 litre storage capacity. All buildings need to be assessed so that procedures meet today’s requirements. TEAMS have the necessary skills.

Water Tank - BeforeWater Tank - After
Water tank replacement - After