Commercial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services, UK

Many organisations across the UK trust TEAMS to ensure that their ventilation systems are kept clean, in good order, and operating within the law, and that their indoor air quality is all that it should be.

The many commercial environments in which we work include: hotels, restaurants, office complexes, manufacturing plants, educational establishments, retail outlets and hospitals.


The infrastructure of ventilation systems in our places of work is mostly hidden. Because of this it is very easy to put hygiene near the bottom of the priority list, until a very obvious and potentially serious problem arises.

Recent legislation, however, has given building owners and managers the responsibility for keeping ventilation systems within stringent guidelines for standards of cleanliness.

At TEAMS, we have vast experience of undertaking programmes of cleaning and monitoring of systems. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of environmental hygiene allows us to offer you total peace of mind.

Our highly skilled cleansing operatives have experience of all types of systems in a variety of environments, and we ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest legislation, are trained in the use of the latest techniques, and produce the best results with minimum disruption.


Today, commercial premises are required to provide a safe, clean, healthy environment in which the quality of air supplied by your ventilation system is of paramount importance.

Indoor air quality, also known as IAQ, is affected by many factors including temperature, humidity, source of outdoor supply air, pollutants, standard of filtration, air movement, airborne dust, particulates and micro-biological contamination.

Not only are we able to identify where your IAQ standards fall outside current guidelines, but have the expertise, knowledge and experience to make recommendations on how to remedy problem. In addition, TEAMS offer ­monitoring services to ensure your IAQ stays within recommended guidelines, complies with all current legislation and contributes to providing a safe and healthy working environment for your staff.

If you would like more information about our indoor air quality and ventilation services, call TEAMS UK on 0116 2691940.